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GDI-DE Testsuite

Quality assurance for spatial data sets and services

GDI-DE Testsuite

The GDI-DE assists you with the validation tool GDI-DE Testsuite in testing the quality of your spatial data sets and services.  

Using this central test platform, you can verify your spatial data sets and services to conformity with national and international standards or with the specifications of the European INSPIRE Directive.

We currently offer tests for checking metadata, catalogue/discovery services (CSW), map/portrayal services (WMS) and download services (WFS, Atom).

Tests for spatial data sets (for example with regard to the fulfilment of the interoperability requirements of INSPIRE) are in preparation.

Image shows a map with two feature types classified as right or wrong Copyright: Testsuite © BKG /

Test your spatial data sets and services to conformity with the specifications of INSPIRE and GDI-DE now!

Learn more about the project GDI-DE Testsuite (planned further development, documents, FAQs …) here.

You can ask questions about the GDI-DE Testsuite via the Support of the GDI-DE.

If you like to use the GDI-DE Testsuite locally, you can download the application here


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