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Spatial Data Catalogue

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A spatial data catalogue is a reliable and effective metadata information system for data and services.

One could imagine this spatial data catalogue being like an electronic mail order catalogue that describes the offered products (spatial data sets and services).

The technical realization of the is based on a networking of the metadata catalogues within the Spatial Data Infrastructure Germany (GDI-DE).

At present, 35 catalogue services with about 135 000 metadata sets are integrated.

Within Europe, the is linked to the geoportal of the European spatial data infrastructure INSPIRE and thus is researchable also in the European context.

To improve the interoperability of the metadata catalogues, the GDI-DE Test Suite was developed. Software as well as metadata providers can check their systems. Thus, the smooth integration of their catalogue services into the GDI-DE is ensured.

The stands for high-performance, standardized, harmonized and consolidated metadata information.  

With that, it contributes further to the establishment of the Spatial Data Infrastructure Germany and to a central provision of metadata for INSPIRE and GEOSS.


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