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GDI-DE Registry

GDI-DE Registry

The infrastructure of GDI-DE contains a number of elements that must be clearly described and referenceable by unambiguous ids. Registers offer the possibility to assign ids to elements and their names, definitions and descriptions, so that they are unambiguously referenceable. Here, the GDI-DE Registry offers the central access point for a number of centrally managed registers.
The Administrative Agreement of GDI-DE defines the GDI-DE Registry as central component. This contains the following registers:

1. Organisations,
2. Namespaces,
3. Code lists,
4. INSPIRE Monitoring,
5. Schemata, and
6. Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS).

The GDI-DE Registry was presented to the public and simultaneously set up into trial operation at the GDI-DE joint booth during the INTERGEO 2014 in Berlin.
When developing the Registry, special emphasis was put to compliance with the norm ISO 19135, which offers corresponding processes for content management. In addition, several interfaces are integrated in the GDI-DE Registry to access contents. Interfaces are e.g. REST Service, SOAP Interface or the web application itself.
As a national technical component of GDI-DE also the GDI-DE Registry is operated and developed further at the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy in Frankfurt/Main.

Organisations register, namespace register, code list register and monitoring register are available on the website

The schemata register is available under the URL


Konzeption Modellprojekt Registry V1.0  (in german, June 2008)
GDI-DE Registry Abschlussbericht (in german, April 2012)


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