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An essential prerequisite for a joint use of geodata sets in Europe is their harmonization.

What has to be done?

Are you an institution holding geodata and do you provide geodata sets and services relevant for INSPIRE?
You then must provide them in a last step in an interoperable way after you have described them with metadata and made them accessible via network services. For this, you must fulfil the requirements of the regulation on implementing the INSPIRE Directive concerning the interoperability of geodata sets and services.  
Among other things, the geodata sets have to be transformed into the format specified for the 34 INSPIRE themes by the regulation.
All geodata sets must be provided in an interoperable way by the end of 2020. Depending on the INSPIRE theme to which the geodata set can be allocated and whether it constitutes an already existing or a newly collected geodata set, different timelines apply (see Time Schedule).

How do we implement the interoperability requirements of INSPIRE in the GDI-DE?

Especially the respective „Technical Guidance“ documents (data specifications) are relevant for the implementation of the requirements from the interoperability regulation which define among other things the data models for the INSPIRE themes.
The application „Interactive Data Specifications“ provided by the European Commission offers an easy access to the data specifications.
Here you have the possibility to find the themes and objects relevant for your geodata set and subsequently download a template for a mapping table in which you can assign the objects of the source dataset to the objects of the target dataset. Furthermore, the transformation tool HALE is integrated.

Since the data specifications are only available in English, the INSPIRE Professional Networks have published Profiles for most INSPIRE themes which summarize the essential contents of the data specifications in German.

The GDI-DE Registry plays a decisive role for the implementation of the interoperability requirements of INSPIRE in the GDI-DE. With the GDI-DE Registry, the GDI-DE supports you especially in the management of code lists and the Generation of INSPIRE Object Identifiers.

Since the interoperable provision of the geodata sets is probably the biggest challenge in the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive, the exchange with other institutions and experts is especially important.
You can learn more about the activities of the Länder in the GDI-DE Wiki.
For discussions related to the data specifications, please use the INSPIRE Professional Networks of the GDI-DE or the Thematic Clusters at the European level.

Documents and further information

The regulation implementing the INSPIRE Directive as regards interoperability of geodata sets and services entered into force on 28 December 2010. It is directly applicable in all Member States and regulates what has to be implemented. All geodata sets must be provided in an interoperable way by the end of 2020. Depending on the INSPIRE Theme to which the geodata set has to be assigned and whether it is an already existing or newly collected geodata set, different deadlines apply (see Time Schedule).

Primarily the accompanying „Technical Guidance“ documents are relevant for the concrete technical implementation of  the implementing rules. They show how the implementing rules can be implemented.

For the technical implementation in the GDI-DE especially the documents of the architecture concept are relevant which show how the requirements of INSPIRE are implemented in the GDI-DE.

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