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Legal Implementation

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The legal implementation into the national law of Germany means – because of the federal structure – a legal implementation both on federal level and within the 16 states (Bundesländer). Altogether, 17 laws were enacted or amended.
The following table gives a list of the laws.

State (Bundesland)LawEntry into force
Federal level GeoZG14. February 2009
Baden-Wuerttemberg LGeoZG BW24. December 2009
BaavariaBayGDIG1. August 2008
BerlinGeoZG Bln13. Dezember 2009
Brandenburg BbgGDIG14. April 2010
Bremen BremGeoZG10. December 2009
HamburgHmbGDIG31. December 2009
HesseÄnderung HVGG17. March 2010
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania GeoVermG M-V 30. December 2010
Lower Saxony NGDIG29. December 2010
North Rhine-Westphalia GeoZG-NRW18. February 2009
Rhineland-Palatinate LGDIG31. December 2010
Saarland SGDIG28. August 2009
SaxonySächsGDIG5. June 2010
Saxony-Anhalt GDIG LSA21. July 2009
Schleswig-Holstein GDIG GVOBl24. December 2010
ThuringiaThürGDIG31. July 2009

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