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The SDI Germany regularly reports to the European Commission about the state of the implementation of INSPIRE in Germany. Article 21 of the INSPIRE Directive defines the requirements for the reporting.

Current state of implementation:

What needs to be done?

The member states are obliged to report on the establishment and operation of their respective spatial data infrastructure as well as on the state of implementation of the INSPIRE Directive. For this purpose key figures on the infrastructure elements and contents, such as spatial data sets, network services and the describing metadata are collected, evaluated and published every year (Monitoring). Since 15 May 2010, the results of the monitoring are published and sent to the European Commission every year. In addition, the European Commission receives a report every three years since 15 May 2010, which informs about the current state of implementation of the INSPIRE Directive in the member states (Reporting).

How do we implement the INSPIRE Monitoring and Reporting in Germany?

The Coordination Office SDI Germany is coordinating the INSPIRE Monitoring in cooperation with the SDI Contact Points. The spatial data owners provide the information required for the Monitoring. They are also responsible for the identification of INSPIRE-relevant spatial data sets. The GDI-DE Registry is applied for managing the monitoring information since the Monitoring-Cycle 2014. By using a specially developed monitoring tool in the GDI-DE Registry, it is possible to derive the information from the Metadata in a largely automated manner.

The three-year report on the current state of the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive is compiled under the responsibility of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB). The BMUB is supported by the Steering Committee SDI Germany and the Coordination Office SDI Germany. Before the Report is presented to the European Commission, it is concluded in the Steering Committee.

What is the state of implementation in other member states?

The results of Monitoring and Reporting of all member states are published on the INSPIRE Website .
The European Environment Agency provides a visual representation of the results of the Monitoring of all member states

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Documents and further information

The Decision implementing the INSPIRE Directive as regards monitoring and reporting entered into force on 5 June 2009. It is directly applicable in all Member States and regulates what has to be implemented.

In particular, the accompanying "Technical Guidance" documents (technical implementation guidelines) are relevant for the concrete technical implementation of the Implementing Rules. They indicate how the Implementing Rules can be realised.

For more information on the implementation of the Monitoring and Reporting in Germany, please refer to the GDI-DE Wiki.

Monitoring results and reports from the years 2009 to 2018:


INSPIRE Monitoring-DE 2018
INSPIRE Monitoring-DE 2017
INSPIRE Monitoring-DE 2016
INSPIRE Monitoring-DE 2015
INSPIRE Monitoring-DE 2014
INSPIRE Monitoring-DE 2013
INSPIRE Monitoring-DE 2012
INSPIRE Monitoring-DE 2011
INSPIRE Monitoring-DE 2010
INSPIRE Monitoring-DE 2009


Report member state: Germany. 2013
Report member state: Germany, 2010

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