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The INSPIRE-relevant spatial data sets and the describing metadata are made available via network services in the spatial data infrastructure.

What needs to be done?

Are you a spatial data owner who owns INSPIRE-relevant spatial data sets and have you already described them with the help of Metadata? Then, you have to make the spatial data sets and the related metadata accessible via network services, thereby fulfilling the requirements of the INSPIRE Implementing Rule regarding Network Services.
The spatial data sets must be searchable through Discovery Services, visualisable through View Services and downloadable through Download Services.

If necessary, Transformation Services for transforming spatial data sets into the format required by INSPIRE can be provided additionally.

The SDI Contact Points at federal and state level are glad to advise you and to support you with the provision of your spatial data sets for INSPIRE.

How do we implement the INSPIRE requirements to Network Services within the SDI Germany?

In the SDI Germany, a central Discovery Service is provided with the that meets the requirements of INSPIRE. As a spatial data owner, you only have to ensure that your metadata are accessible through a catalogue service interface that is connected to the Usually, the states (Bundesländer) offer tools with which you can capture your metadata and provide them through the catalogue interfaces of the states. Please contact your responsible SDI Contact Point for this.

Usually, View and Download Services are provided in a decentralised way through the spatial data owners themselves or on behalf of them. In some cases the states (Bundesländer) also offer central interfaces and tools for the provision of View and Download Services. Please contact your responsible SDI Contact Point for further information.

Please note that also for the View and Download Services metadata must be collected and made available.  

The Working Group Spatial Data Services supports the national implementation of the INSPIRE requirements to View and Download Services. The working group has published Guidelines (in germ.) for the provision of such services that describe how the requirements of INSPIRE are implemented in the SDI Germany. 

The WG Spatial Data Services will gladly help you with advice in questions on the technical implementation of the INSPIRE requirements to Network Services.

Transformation Services have to be provided only if the spatial data sets are not available directly in the required data format.  

You may check whether your services meet the requirements of INSPIRE with the help of the validation tool GDI-DE Test Suite.

Documents and further information

The Regulation implementing the INSPIRE Directive regarding Network Services entered into force on 9 November 2009. It is directly applicable in each Member States and regulates what has to be implemented. Since the end of 2013, all INSPIRE-relevant spatial data sets must be accessible through Discovery, View and Download Services (see Time Schedule).

In particular, the accompanying "Technical Guidance" documents are relevant for the concrete technical implementation of the Regulation. They indicate how the Regulation can be implemented.


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