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How can I exchange ideas with other stakeholders of the SDI Germany?
How can I exchange ideas with other bodies and experts at the European level?

In many cases, the feasibility of legal specifications becomes apparent only in practice. Do you have concrete questions concerning the implementation of INSPIRE, especially concerning the implementation of the requirements for interoperability?
Many stakeholders face the same questions or problems and must solve them, too.
Sometimes, problems in the implementation can only be solved by changing the legal specifications.
Especially in such cases, it is important to discuss them at the European level together with experts from other member states and the European institutions.

In order to exchange views with other institutions on topic-oriented problems with the implementation of INSPIRE and to discuss possible joint solutions, open discussion forums for experts have been established on the national as well as on the European level.

The INSPIRE Expert Networks as part of the SDI Germany as well as the INSPIRE Thematic Clusters within the Maintenance and Implementation Framework provide the opportunity to exchange ideas with other experts and to actively participate in the INSPIRE process!

How can I exchange ideas with other stakeholders of the SDI Germany?

In order to facilitate the exchange between spatial data owners and other experts, the SDI Germany has established INSPIRE Expert Networks. On this platform, experts and spatial data owners can exchange ideas and discuss topic-related questions. For example, thematic Profiles as summaries of the data specifications, are worked out in the expert networks.

The expert networks have not been designed as a permanent committee, but as open working level networks. To support communication and cooperation within the expert networks, the GDI-DE Wiki provides an area for each expert network, in which, among other things, best practice examples and mapping tables are exchanged.  
If you are interested in participating in an expert network, please contact the respective Coordinator of the Expert Network or the Coordination Office SDI Germany.

Besides the exchange via the GDI-DE Wiki, mailing lists are used for the cross-network discussion for which you may register here. The mailing lists are for example used to involve the experts into the coordination processes of the SDI Germany (e.g. within the context of updating the INSPIRE data specifications).

How can I exchange ideas with other institutions and experts at the European level?

The "INSPIRE Thematic Clusters platform“ supports the networking of spatial data owners and experts at the European level. The Thematic Clusters are part of the INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Framework, which shall accompany and facilitate the implementation of INSPIRE in the member states.

The platform shall particularly serve the exchange of experiences and best practice examples as well as the discussion of topic-related questions.

To this end, the 34 INSPIRE spatial data topics were assigned to the following nine Thematic Clusters:

The platform offers the unique chance to exchange directly with other experts (across boundaries) and to directly address and discuss problems related to the implementation.

If you are interested in an exchange with other institutions and experts via the Thematic Clusters, you need an ECAS Account. After successful registration, you can join the groups in which you are interested and bring in your matters of interest.

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