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Utilisation of spatial data throughout Europe

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INSPIRE shall facilitate the cross-border use of spatial data within Europe. This INfrastructure for SPatial InfoRmation in Europe (INSPIRE) constitutes the initiative aiming at a joint spatial data infrastructure in Europe. This way, the European Union intends to support the Community’s environmental policy decisions.

The European Parliament and the Council adopted the Directive 2007/2/EU, which entered into force on 15 May 2007 and has meanwhile been transposed into national legislation by the member states.

The INSPIRE Directive defines the legal framework for the establishment of spatial data infrastructures. The relevant topic-specific and technical details are regulated by the EU by means of implementing rules, which are directly binding for the member states.

In practice, INSPIRE requires a uniform description of the spatial data as well as its provision on the Internet, including discovery, view and download services. The data itself, too, must be available in a uniform format.

Who will benefit from INSPIRE?

  • INSPIRE benefits all: citizens, science as well as administration and economy.
  • INSPIRE removes barriers to the use of spatial data, because they can be found and combined more easily.
  • INSPIRE enhances transparency in the environmental policy, as environmental data are publicly accessible with INSPIRE on the Internet.
  • INSPIRE offers planning reliability for investment decisions, because current spatial data can be used.
  • INSPIRE supports the economy, because private companies can use public spatial data more easily. 

What we do for INSPIRE

  • With regard to INSPIRE the SDI Germany (GDI-DE) pursues the following objectives:
  • Spatial data are stored, administered and made accessible at that administrative level, from which they offer the highest possible added value to the respective users, can be easily networked and employed for different applications.
  • Spatial data acquired at an administrative level can also be used by other administrative authorities.
  • Spatial data shall be easily accessible, the terms of use readily recognisable and pretty much self-explaining.
  • Available spatial data shall be easy to discover, to evaluate their suitability for the purpose and to know the conditions applicable to their use.


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