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A guideline: GEOSERVICES on the internet
(4nd revised edition, September 2019)
The practical guideline for the setup and operation of geoservices is basically suited for use in all public institutions. It contains data for decision makers at management level, but also many functional and technical details for the needs of the advisory and implementing expert personnel.

The guideline is available only in German language.

Information flyer information flyer is a service provided by the federal government, state governments and local authorities for the needs of the interested members of the public as well as for experts. It constitutes an active contribution by the administration in Germany for an open knowledge and information society.

The flyer is available in English language.

Flyer GDI-DE

SDI (GDI-DE) Information flyer

Combined spatial information (geodata) originating from different technical and administrative sources are required by the political, economic and administrative sectors as fundamental bases for decision-making processes, key areas being - among others -environmental protection, security of land property, defense and national security, regional planning and land readjustment, transport management, civil protection, insurance business, etc. Therefore, availability, quality, organisation, accessibility and sharing of harmonised spatial data must be further enhanced in the context of e-government solutions.

The flyer is available in English language.

Information Flyer- SDI-Architecture Germany

SDI-Architecture Germany

The GDI-DE (SDI) Architecture is based on established national and international norms and standards from overall information technology and the geoinformation domain.

The flyer is available in English language.


Informational flyer on the topic of INSPIRE

 INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) stands for Directive 2007/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community. The Directive entered into force on 15 May 2007 and must be enacted in national law by each of the EC member states within two years. The objective of this Directive is to facilitate and enhance the cross-border use of data within Europe.

INSPIRE requires web-based online services for search, visualisation and downloading of the relevant data.

Information flyer GDI-DE Testsuite

Information flyer of the GDI-DE testsuite

Central testing platform for a sustainable quality management.

The quality of the Spatial Data Infrastructure Germany (GDI-DE) depends above all on the degree of accessibility of available spatial data. From a technical point of view interoperable provision of the relevant spatial data through the adherence to open standards is the key to this data accessibility. The GDI-DE testsuite supports you in the interoperable provision of your data within the scope of the GDI-DE and beyond.

The flyer is available in English language.

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