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Municipal Coordination Committee

The municipal contribution

Spatial planning decisions and authorisation processes constitute municipal everyday practice. Decisions are made on the basis of local spatial data, which often directly affect business, administration, politics and “last but not least” the citizen. The demand for municipal spatial data increases for the development of a Germany-wide national spatial data infrastructure as well as for the purpose of implementing the EU Directive 2007/2/EG (INSPIRE).

Due to standardization, interoperability and contents-related harmonisation, it is possible to use municipal spatial data via the internet:

  • Municipal planning and its implementation can be carried out more efficiently.
  • Derived products projects based on the municipal data can be realised.
  • The potentials of local regions can be communicated more easily.

Municipal Representatives in the Steering Committee of the GDI-DE

In order to incorporate the respective communal interests into the SDI Germany initiative, the municipalities are represented in the Steering Committee SDI Germany by three members from the municipal umbrella associations (Association of German Cities, Association of German Counties and German Association of Towns and Communities). The Municipal Coordination Committee of the GDI-DE supports the municipal representatives of the Steering Committee SDI Germany.

The Municipal Coordination Committee of the SDI Germany

The Municipal Coordination Committee of the SDI Germany was established in spring 2010 pursuant to the decision of the executive committees of the three municipal umbrella associations.
The Municipal Coordination Committee of the SDI Germany is an important interface for coordinating municipal issues and bringing them to the municipal representatives within the Steering Committee SDI Germany

Contact: Dr. Stefan Ostrau | E-Mail: s.ostrau(at)

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