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The GDI-DE: Competence through Cooperation

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The Spatial Data Infrastructure Germany (SDI Germany or in German GDI-DE) is financed and operated in cooperation of the federal, state and local governments. Three central institutions work for the GDI-DE:

  • The Steering Committee SDI Germany (Lenkungsgremium GDI-DE), consisting of representatives of the Federal Government, the states (Bundesländer) and the municipal umbrella associations. It advises and decides on the strategy and work programme. It reports to the IT Planning Council of the Federal Government and the states, which is the control body for federal cooperation in the IT field.
  • The Coordination Office SDI Germany (Koordinierungsstelle GDI-DE) is located at the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG) in Frankfurt am Main. It advises the steering committee, prepares its decisions and organises the implementation of the decisions..
  • The operation and maintenance of the national technical components of the GDI-DE, such as, is ensured by the BKG on behalf of the LG.

organisational structure SDI Germany organisational structure SDI Germanyorganisational structure SDI Germany

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