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GDI-DE: Networking Data

The Spatial Data Infrastructure Germany (GDI-DE) is an initiative of the Federal Government, the Länder (states) and the municipalities.

The partners are networking data from all over Germany. Politics, business and private individuals can have access to these data, which constitute a reliable basis for talling efficient decisions.

Taking better decisions by means of data

For the purpose of information or decision making citizens, politics, administration and business can via the GDI-DE call up data such as:

  • Is my house in a flood zone of a river?
  • Where in a particular region are commercial areas in the planning phase?
  • Where are wind-power plants situated today, where might still be some potential?

Data help to answer such questions with geographical reference. These data are in a first stage available in diverse forms at many different bodies.

By the setup of the GDI-DE the Federal Government, the Länder (states) and the municipalities make such data more accessible and network them. This way, decision-makers can get topical and precise information – enabling them to make efficient decisions.

Data also beyond borders

The GDI-DE networks data also at the international level. It constitutes part of the European spatial data infrastructure, which is implemented via the EU Directive INSPIRE.

Via open standards the data of all member states become accessible. Within this community everyone benefits from one another. Europe's knowledge is increasing.

GDI-DE. Networking data – making better decisions.

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