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Preservation of monuments
and sites in Hessen

This map depicts the abbey district of Bad Hersfeld with its ruin at the centre. The Bad Hersfeld festival is held there annually. An overlay shows data prepared by a presentation service of the “Hessian State Office for Monuments and Sites” (

The spatial data service WMS-Geodienste LFDH is described as follows:

(Abstract in German) WMS-Geodienste des Landesamt für Denkmalpflege Hessen. Umfasst aus der Bau und Kunst die Layer "Baudenkmal" und "Flächendenkmal", wie aus der Ärchäologie die Layer "archaeologischesDenkmal", "Welterbe" und "Pufferzone".

For technical and legal questions, please contact the point of contact named in the metadata (Metadata).

The maps following the motto "INSPIRE the users" are based on selected spatial data sets and presented monthly. In accordance to the European Directive INSPIRE, the spatial data is provided via spatial data services. About INSPIRE

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