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Hydrogeological Map of Germany

The HÜK250 (INSPIRE) describes the hydrogeological characteristics of the upper continuous aquifers in Germany at a scale of 1:250,000. According to the Data Specification on Geology (D2.8.II.4_v3.0) the map provides INSPIRE-compliant data. The hydrogeologic units are represented graphically – mostly according to the INSPIRE portrayal rules – by GE.Aquifer.MediaType, GE.Aquifer.HydrogeochemicalRockType, GE.Aquifer.permeabilityCoefficient (BGR colours), GE.Aquitard.approximatePermeabilityCoefficient (BGR colours), GE.Aquitard and GE.Aquiclude.ConstitutionOfAquiclude. The geologic units are represented graphically – according to the INSPIRE portrayal rules – by GE.GeologicUnit.AgeOfRocks and GE.GeologicUnit.Lithology.

The view service and abstract are provided by Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources.

For technical and legal questions, please contact the point of contact named in the metadata.

The maps following the motto "INSPIRE the users" are based on selected spatial data sets and presented monthly. In accordance to the European Directive INSPIRE, the spatial data is provided via spatial data services. About INSPIRE

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