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WebAtlasDE – The Federal and State Governments jointly provide an official nationwide internet map service

Date 2012.02.22

The demand for an official internet map service has strongly increased. In addition to good performance users expect in particular a uniform map style, adjustable zooming with automatic font and symbol adaptions to each scale range as well as area-wide availability throughout Germany and across the states of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Vermessungsverwaltungen der Länder der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (AdV) (Working Committee of the Surveying Authorities of the States of the Federal Republic of Germany) therefore decided in September 2011 to implement user requirements by means of a common internet map service, the WebAtlasDE, through the Federation and the Länder (states). As a basis, the official data of the Digital Landscape Models (DLMs) and of the real estate cadastre are used to this end. Provision of the internet map service is ensured by the Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie (BKG) (Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy). Access to the WebAtlasDE is performed, among others, through the Bund-Länder Portal “Geoportal-DE“, which is operated jointly by the Federal Government and the States.

Technically, raster tiles are hidden behind the WebAtlasDE, which were computed from the DLM data by means of a very close scale range, and also from the building polygons thus allowing single house representation at the large scales. Germany-wide editing of the data is the task of the GeoBasis Steering Committee, which was founded at the end of 2010 through administrative agreement for the purpose of cooperation in official surveying and mapping. Cloud Technologies were used for the extensive computing processes. The first generation of the WebAtlasDE covering the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany was completely finished by the end of December 2011, and the relevant data delivered to BKG for the setup of the required services for the Geoportal. DE.

After activation of the Bund-Länder Portal “Geoportal. DE” by Dr. Hans-Peter Friedrich, Federal Minister of the Interior, on the occasion of CeBIT 2012 the WebAtlasDe is now for the first time available to a wide circle of users. In future, the WebAtlasDe will also be made available via the geoportals of the individual Länder.

The AdV members could commit themselves to stipulating moderate conditions of use for the WebAtlasDE in version 1.0. Thus, viewing in the WebAtlasDE in the geoportals of the Federal Government and of the states is free of charge for everyone, as well as private use of the WebAtlasDe as a web-based geodata service. For internal business usage of the geodata service only an annual flat rate in the amount of 120 € is levied. The geodata centre at BKG is the contact partner for the issue of corresponding licences.

In the form of the WebAtlasDe an official Länder-crossing and thus area-wide geodata set with a standard presentation has now been made available. The advantages lie in its high level of detail (representation down to small field paths and exact single house presentation) as well as in its topicality. The WebAtlasDe will be continuously developed further and kept up-to-date by the Federal Government and the Länder. Realization of Version 2.0 has already been scheduled for the end of the year 2012, which in particular will build on an improved symbol catalog. Subsequently, the WebAtlasDe will be updated on an annual basis.

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