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Current Status of Implementation of INSPIRE in Germany

Date 2012.05.28

Within the INSPIRE monitoring framework the member states had to provide information on 5 May 2013, already for the fourth time, on the development and operation of their geodata infrastructure. In addition, the second report after 2010 about the status of implementation of the INSPIRE Directive in Germany was submitted to the European Commission.

A total of more than 2,800 spatial datasets is covered by the INSPIRE Directive, which are accessible through more than 1,000 services. Up to now, approximately two thirds of the datasets and services have been described with INSPIRE metadata and are searchable in the GDI-DE via the (geodata catalog). Around half of the records are accessible through a view service, for example in the, whereas only a small portion (around one-fifth) can presently be downloaded via a download service.

By the end of this year, all geodata sets covered by the INSPIRE Directive will have to be described by metadata and made accessible both through a view service and a download service.

The results of the INSPIRE Monitoring 2012 have been published under The development of the collected key figures (monitoring indicators) can be viewed here.

The status report 2013 can be downloaded here

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