Working Group Implementation NGIS

The wide range of tasks resulting from the NCI requires a high degree of coordination in its implementation. For this reason, the GDI-DE steering committee established the Implementation NGIS working group in March 2016. It supports the GDI-DE steering committee in the coordination and implementation of the NGIS. The working group is to present the progress made in the implementation of the NGIS objectives, to accompany monitoring measures and to prepare necessary strategic adjustments.

The Federal Government, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the State of Schleswig-Holstein, the State of Brandenburg, the State of Hesse, the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, representatives of the municipal umbrella organisations, the Working Group Architecture (represented by the State of Saxony-Anhalt), the Federal Office of Cartography and Geodesy (as the body responsible for the operation of the national technical components) and the GDI-DE Coordination Unit are currently participating in the NGIS Implementation Working Group. The respective deputy chair of the steering committee GDI-DE chairs the working group.

In a first step, the working group has developed a concept for the operationalisation of NGIS and published it in February 2017. The concept includes measures that are of fundamental importance for the concrete achievement of objectives. Existing measures from the GDI-DE action plans are also taken into account. Examples are the development of an interoperability concept from the action plan "Architecture of the GDI-DE" or the identification and closing of thematic gaps from the action plan "Improving the implementation of INSPIRE in Germany".

Fields of Action

Based on the measures developed, the concept for the operationalisation of the NGIS contains eight fields of action for the LG GDI-DE to ensure a far-reaching and sustainable implementation of the NGIS. Four of the eight fields of action have already been completed.

Status der Handlungsfelder zur Operationalisierung der NGIS

Especially the effective management of the SDI Germany measures is important to achieve the goals of the NGIS and to improve the external image of the GDI-DE. This is reflected in the eight fields of action. Therefore, field of action no. 6 of the concept for operationalisation also provides for the establishment of a monitoring system for all measures of the steering commitee SDI Germany on the basis of an action plan (central action plan). The action plan serves to promote transparency and communication with political bodies such as the IT Planning Council. An Internet-based tool (GDI-DE Cockpit) exists to support the management of measures. This tool contains all management-relevant information on the SDI Germany measures and makes it clearly available to the steering committee SDI Germany. The GDI-DE-Cockpit will provide the SDI Germany action plan automatically in the future. The annual derivation of the action plan from the GDI-DE Cockpit is planned from 2020.

Funktionen des GDI-DE-Cockpit


Status of the GDI-DE tasks

Transparency is important to us.Therefore, we provide the current status of the GDI-DE tasks online on our web pages. Here you can also see how the individual measures support the implementation of the NGIS goals. Please also read the sections "Fields of action" and "Evaluation" on this page.


Since the NGIS is a strategy designed to run until 2025, interim social and political developments must be taken into account and the implementation of the NGIS evaluated. Therefore, the mid-term review 2021 will include an "interim evaluation" of the implementation of the NGIS (Field of Action No. 7). If this evaluation reveals serious deficits, adjustments can be made to the NGIS operationalisation if necessary in order to ensure that the NGIS objectives are achieved.