Working Group Geodata

The Working Group Geodata was founded in 2015. At the 33rd meeting of the steering committee it was confirmed as a working group of the SDI Germany. Its task is the development of a interoperability concept for geodata in the German geodata infrastructure GDI-DE. The concept includes

  1. The identification and documentation of interoperability elements, i.e. elements whose uniform implementation is essential for the interoperable provision of spatial data within the GDI-DE.
  2. The development of a procedure for the need-based and step-by-step harmonisation of existing databases and data models within the GDI-DE.

The interoperability concept is not intended to define mandatory data specifications analogous to INSPIRE. Rather, this document is intended to show recommendations for action on how geodata inventories can be described uniformly and, if necessary, harmonised in order to promote interoperable data provision within the GDI-DE.

A first version of the interoperability concept was presented in 2017 at the 28th meeting of the GDI-DE steering committee and unanimously adopted. The previous mandate of the Working Group Geodata was also extended until 2021. The group is currently working on the documentation of individual interoperability elements for the Interoperability Concept 2.0.

The members of the Working Group come from different specialist geodata domains and include representatives of the state authorities, the GDI-DE coordination office, science and industry.


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