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Press release published: New ÖAW Commission "Geographic Information Science"

Date 2012.12.11

A newly formed commission advises society and the economy as well as academic institutions at home and abroad concerning the development towards a geo information society.

At the Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (ÖAW) (Austrian Academy of Sciences) the Commission “Geographic Information Science“ was constituted on 30.11.2012. It continues to deal with advisory, evaluating and journalistic agendas of the former ÖAW Institute for Geographic Information Science, which in the summer of 2012 was integrated into the new Interfakultären Fachbereich Geoinformatik – Z_GIS der Universität Salzburg (Department of Geoinformatics – Z-GIS at the University of Salzburg). Josef Strobl was elected as the new Chairman of the Commission, who is also head of the Department Z- GIS at the University of Salzburg. His deputy is Hans Sünkel, professor at the Technical University of Graz and head of division at the ÖAW Institute of Space Research.

The new Commission is made up of ÖAW members from both sections - the mathematical/scientific and the philosophical/historical section, the “Junior Division“ as well as professors of the University of Salzburg and the TU Vienna. This way, a wide range of scientific disciplines is covered. The relevant tasks will include advice activities in connection with the national implementation of European guidelines - such as INSPIRE - serving the creation of a Europe-wide geodata infrastructure. Expert opinions are generated and evaluations for scientific organizations prepared, recommendations for government and administration formulated, and relevant colloquia and symposia organized – the recognized Geoinformatics Forum at the University of Salzburg being prominent among these activities. Beyond that, the Commission will constitute the Austrian interface to international geoinformatics programs, for instance in cooperation with organizations and programs of the United Nations, or within the framework of cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the context of the “Digital Earth“ initiative.

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