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INSPIRE Call for Nomination and Registration of Experts

Date 2013.07.23

Support at European level by expert groups "INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Group (MIG)" and "Pool of Experts"

The legislative procedure as well as the initial implementation of INSPIRE have now almost been completed. Thus, the INSPIRE process is entering a new phase, in which the evaluation, updating and further implementation of INSPIRE are in the primary focus of interest. At European level this stage of development shall in future be supported by two newly established expert groups, that is, by the “INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Group (MIG)“ and the “Pool of Experts“.

INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Group (MIG)

The MIG consists of representatives of the different National Coordinating Bodies and is directed by the European Commission.

The MIG is intended in particular to

  • promote the exchange of experiences and good practice examples within the framework of implementation of INSPIRE,
  • advise on the updating process of the relevant documents (regulations, Technical Guidance Documents),
  • identify any problems occurring in the course of implementing INSPIRE as well as to provide appropriate support to the Commission in problem solving approaches.

The basis for the work of the MIG is a joint working program, which is consistent with the INSPIRE stakeholder requirements. Germany is represented by Andreas von Dömming (Koordinierungsstelle GDI-DE / Coordination Centre GDI-DE) and Markus Seifert (Geschäftsstelle GDI-Bayern / GDI Agency Bavaria).

Pool of Experts

The MIG is supplemented by a so-called ”Pool of Experts“. This “Pool of Experts“ constitutes a list comprised of specialists who are eligible to apply as experts for one or several issues of the INSPIRE implementation. Registration is generally open to all applicants with a high level of specific expertise in the relevant subject matters. In accordance with its work program the MIG will establish subgroups on selected topics and convene the respectively appropriate experts from the “Pool of Experts“.

The European Commission and the European Environment Agency now commonly call for nomination and registration of experts qualified for the “Pool of Experts“.

For this reason, we request you to register yourself for the “Pool of Experts“ or to forward this call to potentially suited specialists.

Registration is possible continuously and at any time. However, given that the MIG will start work on 14 October 2013 a timely registration is asked for. You can find all necessary information under and in the attached document, respectively.

Please be aware that:
To ensure optimal use of the potential of INSPIRE, the relevant interests, concerns and technical applications within Germany must continue to be introduced to the various European working groups. Therefore, from the view of the GDI-DE it is very important that Germany is very well represented in the “Pool of Experts“ and plays an active part in the INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation process. In particular, registration of experts who have hitherto already cooperated in the previous INSPIRE working groups (Drafting Teams, Thematic Working Groups) is highly desirable.

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