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Public Consultation on the Implementation of the INSPIRE Directive

Date 2013.12.09

Since 3 December 2013 all geodata sets falling under the INSPIRE Directive must be described with INSPIRE compliant metadata and accessible through INSPIRE compliant view and download services. Whether this could actually be achieved we will know for sure when the results of the Monitoring 2013 (reporting date: 15 May 2014) are available.

On 2 December 2013, one day before this important milestone with regard to the INSPIRE implementation, the European Commission started a public consultation on the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive. By means of this consultation the views of the general public and all interested stakeholders shall be collected in order to be able to evaluate whether the orientation of the ongoing actions for the purpose of creating a spatial data infrastructure within the European Community, and in accordance with the INSPIRE Directive 2007/2/EG, are still conductive to achieving the objectives set.

The results of this public consultation will be included in the interim evaluation, which in accordance with the Directive shall be effected seven years after its entry into force. The final result of the evaluation will be submitted in 2014 to the European Parliament and the Council and can prompt corrective action, which is possibly necessary to adapt the current approaches and – in the light of an ever-changing environment – to target them better to the original objectives of INSPIRE.

The consultation is done through a survey and addresses all interested bodies and persons. It is directed in particular to the citizens, the science sector, the national INSPIRE contact points, the economy and business as well as to all public institutions supplying and/or using spatial data.

You can obtain further information on this consultation in English under

An additional document informs in German on the objective and purposes of the consultation as well as on the general context, scope and current status of the INSPIRE Directive:

The questionnaire in German can be accessed under

The consultation is still open until 24 February 2014.

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