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Current state of implementation of INSPIRE in Germany

Date 2016.05.06

Like every year, the Member States must provide by mid-May under the INSPIRE monitoring information on the structure and operation of their spatial data infrastructure.

Currently a total of nearly 13,000 fall spatial data sets with the INSPIRE directive, which are accessible via more than 16,000 view and download services. So far, 98% of the records and services with INSPIRE metadata are described and in the GDI-DE on the searchable. About three quarters of the records are a view service accessible so as in visualized, two thirds can currently be downloaded via a download service.

Since the end of 2013 all spatial data sets covered by the INSPIRE directive must be described with metadata and accessible via a view service and a download service. This objective could not be achieved so far, even if an overall positive trend can be observed.

The results of the INSPIRE Monitoring 2015 published under veröffentlicht. The development of the collected metrics (monitoring indicators) can be viewed at

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