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National Technical Components

From the GDI-DE Testsuite to the GDI-DE Registry

Components of the SDI Germany

The Spatial Data Infrastructure Germany  (SDI Germany or in German GDI-DE) provides certain service functions to involved parties and partners – as national technical components:

  • The validation tool GDI-DE Testsuite for the verification of the conformity of spatial data sets as well as services and metatdata.
  • The discovery service, through which all spatial data sets and services available in the GDI-DE can be found.
  • The website, which offers simple options to users for searching spatial data, linking them and having them displayed in maps.
  • The information system GDI-DE Registry for the administration and technical support of comprehensive concepts.
  • The GDI-DE Monitor as a quality assurance tool to check compliance with availability and conformity requirements of the SDI Germany (GDI-DE) and INSPIRE.

GDI-DE Testsuite, GDI-DE Monitor and GDI-DE Registry are primarily directed to spatial data providers. Users can access the data via and