An essential prerequisite for the joint use of spatial data sets in Europe is the use of uniform data models.

What needs to be done?

Are you a spatial data repository and provide INSPIRE-relevant spatial data sets and services?
Then, after describing them with metadata and making them accessible via network services, you also have to make them available in an interoperable way in order to meet the requirements of the regulation for implementing the INSPIRE Directive regarding the interoperability of spatial data sets and services.
Among other things, the spatial data sets must be transformed into the format prescribed by the regulation.
All spatial data sets must be made available in an interoperable way by the end of 2020 (see time schedule).

How do we, in the SDI Germany, implement the interoperability requirements of INSPIRE?

For the implementation of the requirements of the interoperability regulation, the associated "Technical Guidance" documents (data specifications) are particularly relevant, which define, among other things, the data models for the INSPIRE topics.
An easy access to the data specifications is provided by the "Interactive Data Specifications", which is provided by the European Commission.
Here you have the possibility to determine the themes and objects relevant for your spatial data set.

In order to support the exchange of spatial data holding bodies and technical experts, the SDI Germany (GDI-DE) has established specialist networks. The networks serve as an exchange platform and collection of information with focus on the technical implementation of the requirements from GDI-DE and INSPIRE. For the exchange on European level you can use the INSPIRE Community Forum.

You can inform yourself about the activities of the countries in the GDI-DE Wiki.