Spatial Data Catalogue - Centralized search access to geospatial data and services

The spatial data catalogue (GDI-DE is a reliable and powerful metadata information system designed to assist you to discover, browse, and enquire about metadata to geospatial data, services, and other potential IT-supported applications or software within the Spatial Data Infrastructure Germany (GDI-DE).

This (geospatial data) catalogue can be compared with the catalogue of an electronic library, which contains file cards with the description of the books (spatial data sets and services), which have been made available.

The technical implementation of the is based on a networking between autonomous and distributed metadata catalogues. The requests of metadata records are carried out via compatible interfaces. Currently, the consolidated and comprehensive metadata register consists of over 200.000 metadata records to federal, state and local geospatial data sets from 36 catalogues services.

The is freely available on the internet and is used by other infrastructures at European level, such as:

In order to improve the interoperability of the integrated metadata catalogue, software developers and providers of metadata can verify their systems in advance with a validation tool (GDI-DE Testsuite). This ensures a smooth implementation of the catalogue service interfaces into the

The is a powerful, standardised, harmonised and consolidated metadata information system and has made and will make further contribution to the expansion of the spatial data infrastructure in Germany.