Specialist Networks

Do you have specific questions regarding the implementation of INSPIRE or other requirements (e.g. from industry, Open Data)?

In order to exchange information with other bodies on topic-specific and technical problems and to discuss common solutions, open discussion forums for experts have been established at both national and European level.

How can I exchange information with other bodies in the Spatial Data Infrastructure Germany (GDI-DE)?

In order to support the exchange of spatial data holding bodies and technical experts, the GDI-DE has established specialist networks.

The specialist networks are not designed as a fixed body, but as an open network at the working level. The exchange platform of the thematic networks (GDI-DE Wiki) serves the purpose of communication and cooperation. There you will find information on:

  • Identification of INSPIRE affected data sets
  • questions and answers
  • Members of the thematic networks
  • Translation of code lists from data specifications
  • European Networks
  • Use cases (Open Data, economy, INSPIRE, ...)
  • Implementation examples / Best Practice
  • Mapping tables
  • Flier (Short descriptions of the INSPIRE Technical Guidance Papers in German)
  • Technical guidelines for the implementation of INSPIRE
  • and the opportunity for active participation.

How can I exchange views with other bodies and experts at European level?

At European level, the networking of geodata repositories and technical experts is supported by the "INSPIRE Community Forum". The platform shall serve the exchange of experiences and best practice examples as well as the discussion of topic-specific questions. Under the "Thematic Domains" you will find a cross-topic search as well as pages on the respective expert groups. Under "Software and Tools" you will find contributions to the technical implementation of the INSPIRE Directive.