GDI-DE Monitor

The GDI-DE Monitor, the latest National Technical Component (NTK), serves as a quality assurance tool and is primarily aimed at spatial data providers. Functionally, it enables the verification of compliance of the SDI Germany and INSPIRE availability and conformance requirements. The application was launched at the 38th meeting of the Steering Committee SDI Germany (LG GDI-DE) in November 2022.

The new NTK is intended to enable consistent quality monitoring of all metadata in the SDI Germany. With the help of the GDI-DE Monitor, it is now possible to create evaluations of the accessibility and usability of geo-resources. It is also possible to continuously monitor the fulfillment of legal requirements (e.g. the INSPIRE Directive). The GDI-DE Monitor is also intended to support national geodata holding agencies and catalog operators in integrating their geo-resources into the SDI Germany and in implementing the INSPIRE Directive.

In September 2022, the first version of the new NTK was made available as a web application and tested with the contact points SDI Germany within the INSPIRE Monitoring 2022. The circle of participants is now expanding beyond the contact points SDI Germany to all members and partners of the SDI Germany.

You can find out how to use the GDI-DE Monitor for your quality management in the GDI-DE Wiki at