Monitoring & Reporting

The SDI Germany (GDI-DE) regularly reports to the European Commission on the status of the implementation of INSPIRE in Germany. The basis for this is Art. 21 of the INSPIRE Directive, which defines the reporting requirements.

Current status of implementation

What has to be done?

Member States are obliged to report on the development and operation of their spatial data infrastructure and the state of implementation of the INSPIRE Directive. For this purpose, key figures on the infrastructure elements and contents such as spatial data sets, network services and metadata describing them are continuously and automatically collected and published annually by 31 March at the latest (monitoring).

In addition, Member States shall update a summary report (so-called "Country Fiche") annually. The country fiche is also published by the European Commission by 31 March at the latest.

How do we implement INSPIRE monitoring and reporting in GDI-DE?

The INSPIRE monitoring is coordinated by the Coordination Office SDI Germany (Koordinierungsstelle GDI-DE) in cooperation with the contact points at federal and state level. Since 2019, the information required for monitoring has been derived automatically from the metadata. The calculation of the indicators is done via the INSPIRE Geoportal.

The "Country Fiche" on the current state of implementation of the INSPIRE Directive in Germany is updated under the leadership of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). The BMU is supported by the Steering Committee SDI Germany (Lenkungsgremium GDI-DE) and the Coordination Office SDI Germany.

What is the status of implementation in other Member States?

In the INSPIRE Knowledge Base the results of monitoring and reporting for all Member States are published and can be accessed.