Accessibility declaration

Information on the accessibility of these websites according to § 12 of the German Act on Equal Opportunities for Disabled Persons (BGG) and on how to contact us:

The coordination office GDI-DE, located at the Federal Office of Cartography and Geodesy, will design its websites as far as possible barrier-free and make them accessible in accordance with the national legislation implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and Council.

This website is already partially barrier-free. The requirements of the BITV Barrierefreie Informationstechnik-Verordnung 2.0 are partially fulfilled.

Areas that are e.g. currently not yet barrier-free:

  • PDF files: Not all of the PDF files offered for download are barrier-free. Some documents are old documents where the original document is no longer available. These documents are not subsequently revised. Current PDF files will be created in a barrier-free version or replaced with a barrier-free version as soon as possible.
  • Images: Not all images contain the correct alternative texts. If we take note of this when editing texts and images, we will adapt the alternative texts subsequently.
  • Words and sections in other languages are sometimes not marked with the "lang" attribute.
  • Link texts are not always meaningful and do not always contain all necessary information.
  • Unfortunately, content from Twitter is not completely barrier-free, as Twitter does not provide the necessary technical requirements for this.
  • The websites are not yet accessible in light language.

Accordingly, we are working hard to further improve and supplement the barrier-free design of the websites.

Would you like to inform us about existing barriers or ask for information about the implementation of accessibility? Then you are welcome to contact us via contact page.

Arbitration procedure

If no satisfactory solution has been found even after your feedback to the above-mentioned contact, you can turn to the conciliation office according to § 16 BGG. The BGG conciliation office has the task of supporting out-of-court dispute resolution in conflicts on the topic of accessibility between people with disabilities and public bodies. The conciliation procedure is free of charge. It is not necessary to call in legal counsel. Further information about the conciliation procedure and the possibilities of filing an application is available, also in sign language and in light language, at:

You can also contact the conciliation office at the following address:

Conciliation office under the Disability Equality Act at the Federal Government Commissioner for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities
Mauerstraße 53
10117 Berlin

Telefon: 030 18 527-2805
Fax: 030 18 527-2901